Jerry Apps: One-Room School

$ 16.95

“I have never forgotten the sound of that school bell on my first day of school. You could hear it echoing down the valley …” - Jerry Apps

Jerry Apps shares vivid and humorous stories from his time as a student at Chain O’Lake School in Waushara County. Explore the one-room school experience through Apps’ vibrant storytelling, and travel back to a time when one teacher taught eight grades. Learn about the wide-ranging curriculum, holiday traditions, recess fun and how Apps’ school experience shaped his childhood and inspired his career as an educator. 

A companion to the Wisconsin Historical Society Press books One Room Schools: Stories From the Days of 1 Room, 1 Teacher, 8 Grades by Susan Apps-Bodilly and One-Room Country Schools: History and Recollections by Jerry Apps, Jerry Apps: One-Room School follows the popular Wisconsin Public Television films Jerry Apps: A Farm Story, A Farm Winter With Jerry Apps, The Land With Jerry Apps and Jerry Apps: Never Curse the Rain.

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